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Cable Crossover Machines

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Cable Crossover Machines are extra wide Functional Trainers

enabling the user more flexibility for additional exercise options. The name comes from the cable crossover exercise.

Functional trainers are an excellent addition to any home gym or club. Safe, Versatile, Cost-Effective, & Provide Full Body Workouts! They feature:
Convenience: functional trainers offer full-body workouts at home with just a single piece of equipment. 
Versatile: you'll get endless workout possibilities with a functional trainer targeting muscle groups across your body.
Progression: Easy-to-change weight stacks allow you to control your exercises' difficulty and workout progression. 
Tension: Functional trainers run on cable systems giving you constant muscle tension even during the eccentric phase of a movement. 
Attachments: Add ropes, handles, bars, and more to your functional trainer for even more workout variety and versatility. 
Safety: Don't worry about getting stuck under a bar or weights — get intense workouts without needing a spotter. 
Cost-Effective: Bring a complete gym experience to your home without breaking the bank.