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Weight Vests and Ankle Weights offer a vast variety of benefits for more intense cardio workouts while cycling or running, as well as for body-resistance exercises like pull-ups and chin-ups. Improve overall strength and conditioning by adding and increasing weight resistance to any movement.

SandBells are one of the most versatile, challenging and functional freeweights available. SandBells are neoprene discs filled with sand that are sure to challenge your grip as much as your strength and stamina. SandBells reinvent free weight exercise by combining the benefits of dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls and slam balls into a simple and powerful weight training tool. Cardio Weights combine the benefits of strength and cardio training into an easy-to-use, versatile weight plate and weight bar option.

Body-Solid Premium 20lb. Weight Vest
Take the Murph Challenge! Designed to wi... 
$79.00 MSRP $79.00
Hyperwear Fit Ruck Backpack
High quality, durable backpack... 
$99.99 MSRP $99.99
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Adjustable Ankle Weights 5lb. Pair
For Cardio and Strength Resistance, cust... 
$69.95 MSRP $69.95
Adjustable Ankle Weights 10lb. Pair
For Cardio and Strength Resistance, cust... 
$89.95 MSRP $89.95
Hyperwear Filled SandBells 2-50 lbs.
Neoprene disc filled with sand... 
$12.99 MSRP $12.99

Rage Fitness Sand Bag Kits
Leak proof design that will withstand th... 
$114 MSRP $114.99

Rage Fitness Soft Stones
Built to withstand high velocity impact... 
$179 MSRP $179.99

X Training Sandbag Trainer - Large 100lb.
Sandbags are some of most underrated, ye... 
$69.95 MSRP $0.00
X Training Sandbag Trainer - Small 50lb.
Sandbags are some of most underrated, ye... 
$64.95 MSRP $0.00
X Training Farmers Walk Handles (Pair)
Proprietary grip surface allows for firm... 
$169 MSRP $0.00
Body-Solid Weight Sled
Push or Pull this heavy duty steel weigh... 
Retail Price $335.00
$260 MSRP $335.00
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Commercial Rated
Rage Fitness R2 Pull Sled
Holds up to 90lbs.... 
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