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Fitness Factory Gift Cards $25 and Up

GCALL - Buy Anytime, Receive Instantly! Use for Anything on our Website

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Fitness Factory Online Gift Cards


Buy Anytime, Receive Instantly! Use for Anything on our Website. Give as a gift or use it yourself. Available from $25 to $500. Buy multiples for additional amounts.


How Digital Gift Cards Work

After your purchase is complete,  go to My Account > My Gift Cards. Select the card, then send it to a recipient's email address. Use your own email address if you want to use it yourself, or print it out to give as a paper version. You will not receive the PIN # until the email is sent.

The email recipient will have to enter the Card number and Reference number (Pin) during checkout as a payment option.  Any overage costs beyond the card amount can be paid with another method.




Can a gift card be used immediately?
Answer: Yes, but you need to send the gift card email first to get the pin # (see instructions above)

Can I use a gift card over the phone or in a store?
Answer: Yes, but have the PIN # and card # ready, they will be needed for purchase.

Can I have a paper or plastic gift card?
Online gift cards are digital, there is no plastic card.  For a paper card, just print out the email you send to active the PIN #.  The email includes a picture of the card with the PIN #.