Experience Deep Relaxation and Peak Recovery with Golden Designs

Golden Designs crafts exceptional saunas and cold plunge systems to elevate your home wellness experience. The current lineup of Golden Designs recovery and wellness products includes saunas, dynamic cold plunge pools, chillers, and more. 

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Immerse Yourself in Wellness with Golden Designs 

Golden Designs creates premium saunas and cold plunge therapy systems to elevate your home spa experience. 

Craft Your Perfect Sanctuary: Choose from traditional, infrared, or hybrid saunas, all crafted with beautiful Canadian Hemlock wood for lasting durability. 

  • Traditional Saunas: Embrace a classic Finnish-style sauna's warmth and therapeutic steam. 
  • Infrared Saunas: Experience infrared technology's gentle, targeted heat for a more modern sauna experience. Heat penetrates deeper, promoting relaxation and potential detoxification benefits. 
  • Hybrid Saunas: Enjoy the best of both worlds with a combination of infrared and traditional heating. 

Unleash the Power of Cold Therapy: The Dynamic Cold Plunge Therapy system is a revolutionary addition to your wellness routine. It reduces muscle soreness, boosts circulation, and accelerates recovery for a revitalized you. 

Explore Golden Designs' complete collection and discover the perfect sauna or cold therapy system for your needs.