Body-Solid EXM2500 Home Gym

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SALE: $1,795.00
MSRP: $2,289.00
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  • Handle Starter Pack
  • Weight Stack Adapters
  • 4 x 6 ft. Rubber Flooring, 1 half inch Thick
  • Body-Solid Rower Attachment
  • Aluminum Pulley Set
  • Aluminum Pulley Set
SALE: $1,795.00
MSRP: $2,289.00
You save $494.00
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Freight LTL 7-10 Days
410.00 LBS
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Body-Solid In-Home Lifetime
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The EXM2500 is Esquire Magazine's "Best Actual Home Gym" in 2023

Health/Lifestyle  - The Best Home Gym Equipment For Exercising on Your Own Terms

  • Multiple options for strength training
  • Full-body workout

"If you want one piece of equipment to cover all of your strength needs, this is the piece for your gym. You can do arms, legs, chest, back, and all the other reps I'm missing."

The EXM2500 is only available from Fitness Factory! A Consumer Digest #1 Best Buy!  Simple design, maximum performance and a minimum price were the blueprints used to develop the EXM2500. Loaded with 210lbs. of cast iron resistance, the EXM2500 can perform your most demanding strength training routines. Muscular growth and definition are rapidly achieved throughout each of the precision built, biomechanically designed stations. An optional 2:1 ratio Leg Press station is available (sold separately).

  • Finish: White (A black finish version is available, as #EXM2500B)
  • Convenient, Organized, Everything in One Place
  • Easy, No Loading/Unloading Plates
  • Safe for the Entire Family to Use, No Spotter Required
  • Main Frame Construction- Heavy duty 2”x4” 12-gauge high tensile strength steel provides ultimate strength, function and durability
  • Thick DuraFirm™ Pads- With lumbar support, provides the ultimate comfort and prevents lower back strain
  • No Cable Change Design-  2,200 lb. tension strength, military spec, steel aircraft cables with nylon sheath provide durability and low maintenance. All stations are always ready to use
  • Powder Coat Finish- Tough, durable, electrostatically applied finish ensures against scratching, chipping and peeling
  • Body-Solid In Home Lifetime Warranty- Everything is covered forever!
  • Assembly Manual:  Download Now
  • Note: Some alternative photos show EXM2500B (black finish)

Specs (with 210 lb. Weight Stack)

  • Dimensions: 85" L x 61" W x 83" H, Product Weight: 578 lbs.
  • Dimensions with Leg Press: 89" L x 79" W x 83" H, Product Weight: 610 lbs.

Weight Stack Options

  • 210 lb. Selectorized Black Weight Stack
  • 310 lb. Selectorized Black Weight Stack
  • Premium Red 210 lb. Selectorized Weight Stack: Premium red powder coat finish & machined steel make these plates not only aesthetically pleasing but our strongest yet

Exercise Stations

  • Chest Press: Horizontal and vertical grip
  • Pectoral Fly
  • Leg Developer: Leg Extension, Standing Leg Curl
  • Upper Pulley: Lat Pull Down, Cable Crossover, Ab Crunch, Tricep Extension, Tricep Pressdown
  • Lower Pulley: Deltoid Raise, Seated Row, Shrug, Bent-over Row, Standing Curl, Leg Adduction
  • Optional Leg Press:  2:1 ratio converts the 210 lb. weight stack into 420 lbs. of resistance! (Purchase above as an option, or buy later)

Aluminum Pulley Upgrade

Smoother, stronger, sleeker, and guaranteed to add a touch of class to your gym. Includes the correct amount of pulleys to replace the original set of nylon pulleys.

  • Solid Aluminum
  • 4 ½” diameter
  • total width is 1”
  • sealed bearings
  • takes 3/8” bolts

Note that the Pulley Replacement Kit for the EXM2500LPS replaces all except 1 pulley.

Taller Users

Do you need more space for your arms while using the press arm?  You can adjust the bumper stop, but will have to adjust the cables too. You can also add a lock nut to the bolt of that bumper stop to lock it into place. Call for detailed help

"I am very impressed with the quality of this machine and ease of use, I would highly recommend the purchase of this machine, be prepared to be patient when putting this together it took us over 6 hours to assemble, I would recommend separating all of the bolts and nuts before starting it, this will help when putting all of the parts together."


23 Reviews

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  • Ken - Feb 6th 2024

    Excellent Home Gym

    This product was everything I was looking for in a home gym. Once it was together it worked as advertised. The only concern was that the assembly instructions that came with the equipment were hard to follow. However, we found better instructions online that made the task much easier.

  • Eric Little - Jan 15th 2024


    A lot of capability for the money. I am 6'5" and was concerned that I wouldn't get sufficient range of adjustment to do some of the exercises. If I was an inch taller I wouldn't have but I can just fit in. The overall build quality is adequate and as expected. Some end cap plastic parts tend to break when inserted but I figured out how to modify them to prevent that. Overall meets my goals.

23 Reviews

  • Posted by Ken

    Excellent Home Gym

    This product was everything I was looking for in a home gym. Once it was together it worked as advertised. The only concern was that the assembly instructions that came with the equipment were hard to follow. However, we found better instructions online that made the task much easier.

  • Posted by Eric Little


    A lot of capability for the money. I am 6'5" and was concerned that I wouldn't get sufficient range of adjustment to do some of the exercises. If I was an inch taller I wouldn't have but I can just fit in. The overall build quality is adequate and as expected. Some end cap plastic parts tend to break when inserted but I figured out how to modify them to prevent that. Overall meets my goals.

  • Posted by Donald Knappenberger

    Body Solid XM2500 Home Gym

    Took a little it to put together but once it was up and running, I have to say that I love it. I get a really good workout and being 65 years old that is saying something. I have been getting compliments on how I look and how much bigger muscle wise I have gotten. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a home gym.

  • Posted by Rick

    This gym is AWESOME!

    Received my machine a couple weeks ago, was very well packaged and arrived in great shape. Driver was very accommodating and unloaded and assisted with bringing boxes into garage. Was undergoing some home improvements, so only this past weekend was I able to assemble my EXM2500S. I organized the parts and began the assembly, which took about 8 hours total, with a small amount of assistance from my wife. By following the instructions in the online assembly manual, it went together flawlessly! I am excited to begin using this wonderful home gym and am already making plans to add the leg press attachment very soon.

  • Posted by Strong E

    Well worth the investment

    Beyond pleased with my EXM2500B. Tons of muscle groups can be hit with this machine. Many say that the assembly was difficult but I would strongly disagree. Take a little to organize all the pieces and hardware (I used a folding table and blue painters tape to label). Then the instructions are simply the schematics. Sure it might not say "step 1 do x, y, and z." But it is clear as day how to assemble. Start from left to right or vice versa and check off the pieces you assemble on the schematics and you'll have it done in no time. It took me 3 hours from fully packaged to built and I did it solo.

  • Posted by David


    My overall thoughts are great gym for the price! I have been building my home gym with mostly free weights over the last few years, and recently my old lat machine went kaput. After doing a lot of research, I purchased this EXM2500S (w/ 210lb stack) and love it. There are some plusses and minuses I will throw in here, but it gets a 5 star from me. Plus - Fantastic machine with so much functionality for the price. I was looking for something to augment my free weights and be family friendly so my wife and daughter would use (Still working on that one...). Even if you don't have free weights, you can pretty much work all major body parts here. I would note that if you intend on making this your only piece of equipment, 210lb might not be enough for bench work, so I might suggest going with the upgraded stack. In speaking with the Fitness Factory guys, this is not really something you can simply add to later unless you plan on changing the entire stack. Buy nice or buy twice. This gym is so versatile then I'm using several functions that I did not really think I would - especially for isolation work. Minus - Assembly. OMG this was not easy.... But I was able to do it (kind of) with the instructions provided... I think they should include a participation trophy here. But, if I can assemble it, anyone can, because I suck at putting stuff together. I broke it up into several days and just took my time. Word of advice - DO NOT TIGHTEN YOUR PULLIES UNTIL YOU RUN THE CABLES. Some of the cable heads will not fit through the space once the pullies are attached. Also on assembly, plan to spend some time in the beginning separating all of the nuts, bolts, caps, etc. This took a lot longer than I would have liked. I just had to put on some good music and set about my laborious task. I would have been much better if they had these items either separated and labeled, or in one of those cardboard, shrink wrapped holders, segregated by by item. Some are pretty close in size, so I kept a measure close by to double check I was using the correct item. It would suck to get halfway through installation and realize you used a wrong bolt somewhere. I was surprised and impressed that I had the correct amount of everything to complete the installation. Plus - Body Solid customer service - Turns out that in the installation, I had one of my cables (On the lat pull side) run under an internal brace inside the metal arm, so I never saw it. This caused additional friction resistance that ended up stripping the rubble cable sheath from the cable wire. I had no idea what was going on there, I thought it may be a bad pully or something. I called body solid and explained my issue. The rep knew exactly what I had done, told me how to fix and immediately sent out a new cable at no charge. They admitted their instructions we challenging and they were in the process of revamping them. But hey - I got someone on the phone who was knowledgeable and provided great customer service. Who knew companies still provided customer service anymore? One other note - know that these shipped items are curbside and the boxes aren't light - so make time on delivery day and line up a buddy to help you move this stuff from the driveway to wherever you plan to unbox and assemble. Would not be good to have the boxes sitting out in the rain. Plus - I also have to give the guys at Fitness Factory a thumbs up. I have ordered a couple of big items from them and both times they have arrived sooner than expected and were very helpful and good at answering my questions. I hope someone finds this helpful. Buying this is no small amount of money and we want to make sure we are making a good purchase decision. In my opinion, although you have to invest time and effort (and some wailing and gnashing of teeth) on the assembly, I really like the finished product which will hopefully provide years of use. I'm very pleased with this purchase. - David

  • Posted by James

    Exm2500S body solid home gym

    I tried this at a buddys house and it was a perfect size multi workout station. I was looking at ordering one for my father in law as a present that both families could use. He was a military veteran and liked to stay in decent shape.

  • Posted by Fit and over Fifty


    Wow, if you can make it through the assembly, this is a fantastic choice of home gym. I live a long distance to my closest gym and the gas to get there was getting way too expensive. After doing tons of research, I did a leap of faith and ordered the Body Solid EXM2500 and I am thrilled! It almost completely replaces the upper and lower body workout that I have been doing at the town gym. I can do two different tricep moves, a lat pull down, pec exercise, seated row, two types chest press, leg extension and tons more. It doesn't do cable cross overs with both arms at the same time, but hey, I do them one at a time. One thing I do miss is a leg press which comes as an option from other sources selling this machine. The bad news is that Body Solid does not make this model anymore and do not have leg presses to sell separately. There are still some of the 2500s still available and I suggest you grab one fast. Now for assembly... I knew it would take several hours (like 6 ) and it did but the whole process would have been faster if they would have text instructions as well as drawings. I'm not a dumb person but it was frustrating. I had read another person's suggestion of not tightening the pulleys until running the cable through and that was absolutely true. It's things like that they could tell you in the drawings and don't. But now that it's done and I'm back on my workout routine, I am loving it. Between gas and gyms fees, I will have paid it off in a year!

  • Posted by Kingchaz

    I like it!

    My wife and son are using this more than me. Works very smoothly and is able to handle my 200 plus pound body and my mutch smaller wife's. Make sure to take the time to follow the instructions illistrations. Don't get frustrated when you may have to remove a pulley or two after installing them to run the cables. You can't do mutch better than this, other than going to the gym or buying a more expensive item.

  • Posted by George Murphy

    Excellent Home Gym

    This is an excellent home gym. It is almost healthclub quality in construction, with smooth operation and a durable finish. It provides a wide variety of exercises in a fairly compact footprint. Moving from exercise to exercise is fast, allowing a very quick and effective workout. I highly recommend it for the price.

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