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Engineered by athletes for athletes, Rumble Roller's innovative massage tools help you recover faster and move better.

Rumble Roller was founded by two friends, Mike Jastram and Ron Johnson. Mike had years of experience building industrial parts and assemblies, while Ron was an athlete motivated to overcome training injuries. Ron spent over two decades researching massage and alternative therapies to find a solution for deeper muscle tissue massage.

In 2005, Ron was determined to create a foam roller that would work more effectively on deeper muscle tissue. In early 2009, he and Mike discovered new polymers and molding technologies that could help them turn their dream into reality. In October 2009, the first RumbleRollers were sold.

Today, Rumble Roller products are distributed in over 40 countries, and millions of athletes use them to rest, recover, and rehab.

Athletes often experience muscular tightness that can't be relieved by using a conventional foam roller. Regular rollers are inadequate because they have inflexible surfaces that can't work around bones or effectively reach muscle attachments. Athletes require more advanced massage tools that can penetrate deeper into the muscle to address the root cause of their pain. That's where Rumble Rollers come in handy!

Rumble Roller's patented massage tools offer the perfect combination of shape, firmness, and resiliency. They are known for their effectiveness and durability.

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