Body-Solid Pro ClubLine SPR1000 Power Rack

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MSRP: $1,595.00
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  • Body-Solid SPRBACK Rear Extension
  • Dips on the Body-Solid GPRDH Dip Handles
  • Front view of Pro ClubLine SPRACB Power Rack Connecting Bar
  • Pro ClubLine Dual Vertical Bar Holder Attachment
  • Pro ClubLine Band Pegs Attachment
  • Body-Solid BSA
  • ProClub Ball Target Attachment
  • Pro ClubLine SPR Fat Chin Bar Attachment
  • Pro ClubLine Multi-Grip Chin Bar Attachment
  • ProClub Dual Chin Bar Attachment
  • Pro ClubLine Dip Attachment
  • Body-Solid Hip Thruster Attachment
  • Standing Press on the Pro Clubline Jammer Arms
  • ProClub J-Cup Pair
  • Body-Solid Pro Clubline Monolift
  • Pro ClubLine Multi Grip Pull Up Attachment
  • ProClub Premium Safeties
  • ProClub Safety Spotter Arms
  • Body-Solid Pro Clubline Spotter Platforms
  • Pro ClubLine Safety Straps
  • Pro ClubLine Storage Tray Attachment
  • Knee up on the Pro ClubLine Plyo Step Attachment
  • Pro ClubLine Dual T-Bar Row Attachment
  • Pro ClubLine U-Link Attachment
  • Pro ClubLine Weight Plate Horn
  • Body-Solid Stability Ball Holder Attachment
PRICE: $1,295.00
MSRP: $1,595.00
You save $300.00
Handling Time:
Freight LTL 7-10 Days
281.70 LBS
Weight Capacity:
1,000 lbs.
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Up to 24 month 0%
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Body-Solid’s full commercial power rack, the Pro Clubline SPR1000, features everything you could want on a power rack today. The 3” x 3” 11 gauge steel mainframe gives the Body-Solid SPR1000 a heavy-duty capacity, meaning it’ll hold up even through the most strenuous of workouts. The SPR1000 Power Rack measures 90” tall making it perfect for chin-ups, standing shoulder presses and many other exercises that are often compromised on shorter, competitive power racks.

Add a rear expansion to the SPR1000 to create a perfect space for spotters and allow extra space for weight horns and other gym storage options. For facilities looking to expand usable space, the Body-Solid SPRACB Power Rack Connecting bar will allow two or more SPR1000 Commercial Power Racks or one each of the SPR1000 and SPR500 Half Rack to bolt together for unlimited expansion and rig-building opportunities.

Additionally, the optional SPRMB Monkey Bar attachment allows users to bolt two or more SPR1000 Power Racks together while also providing space for pull-ups, chin-ups, leg raises and more.

With a multitude of options, attachments and the ability to expand and customize, the SPR1000 Commercial Power Rack is the perfect blend of quality, function, versatility and value. The 1” hole spacing for the safety spotter bars means you will always find that perfect stretch without compromising safety.

  • 3" x 3" 11-gauge Steel Mainframe Construction
  • Oversize Industrial Strength Hardware
  • Over 15 options and attachments
  • Laser-cut numbers on uprights
  • 1” Hole Spacing
  • Expansions for weight storage and rear spotter access
  • Bolt Two Racks together with Monkey Bars
  • Includes two J-Cup liftoffs and 2 premium safety spotter bars
  • Integrated chinning bar
  • Dimensions: 81" L x 53" W x 90" H


Note: Photos above may show options not included with base model. Any barbells, collars, benches, accessories, attachments, and weight plates are optional and not included with the SPR1000, unless specially mentioned in the description.

Pro ClubLine SPR1000 Rack Attachments

  • SPRBACK Rear Extension
  • GPRDH Dip Handles
  • SPRACB Connector Bar. Requires 2 Racks
  • SPRBHV Dual Vertical bar holder
  • SPRBP Band Pegs
  • SPRBSA Belt Squat
  • SPRBT Ball Target
  • SPRCB Fat Chin Bar
  • SPRCUA Multi-Grip Chin Bar
  • SPRDCB Dual Chin Bar
  • SPRDIP Dip Attachment
  • SPRHT Hip Thruster
  • SPRJAM Jammer Arms SPR1000 must be bolted to floor
  • SPRJC Extra J-Cups
  • SPRLFT Monolift
  • SPRMGC Multi-Grip Pull Up
  • SPRSA Spotter Arms
  • SPRSF Safeties
  • SPRSP Spotter Platforms
  • SPRSS Safety Straps
  • SPRST Storage Tray
  • SPRSTEP Plyo Step
  • SPRTB T-Bar Row
  • SPRUL U-Link
  • SPRWPH Weight Plate Horn
  • SR-SBH Stability Ball Holder

Not all attachments listed below are shown in photo above

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